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Welcome to The AfterParty

Are you searching for the ultimate pop and rock party band to complete your event?

Look no further! The AfterParty will have all your guests shouting for an encore. 

At The AfterParty Events, we create an unforgettable party experience for all your guests. Our live 4 or 5 piece band plays a variety of music, tailored to your event, ensuring everyone has a great time. 

Every package is unique and tailored to you and your event. Please get in touch with your date and venue for our availability. 

Our Ever-changing Set List

We like to make sure that our sets are the perfect mix of classic floor fillers with some modern hits too, all totally live! You can expect hits from the likes of The Killers, Blink 182, Bruce Springsteen, Stereophonics and more!

The AfterParty Band

PA and

lighting provided

Band Call

We want to introduce ourselves before your big day

DJ service provided between sets

Daytime packages available

Optional live first dance

100% live music

No backing tracks



The AfterParty, with over 50 years of combined playing experience, is a band formed by seasoned musicians who have dedicated their lives to the art of sound. This ensemble seamlessly blends decades of expertise into a harmonious symphony. Each member brings a unique flavor to the group, creating a dynamic sound that resonates with a rich tapestry of musical influences. From rock anthems to soulful ballads, The AfterParty's extensive repertoire reflects the diverse journey of their individual careers.

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Introducing Marcello - frontman and all rounder! Marcello has been a professional musician for over a decade and has played countless events, weddings and parties all over the world! Be it serenading on his acoustic guitar or shredding rhythm guitar (and bass!) you’ll always get a great performance from him.


Fun fact: Music took Marcello across the world last year with gigs in the US, South Africa and Switzerland to name a few countries


Favourite song to play: Dakota

Favourite guitar: Gibson J45


Who Are We? 

The AfterParty Acoustic Guitarist, Soloist, Singer
The AfterParty Guitarist


Introducing the guitar extraordinaire that is Dan! Dan is one of the best guitarists out there with 16 years of shredding excellence and we love having him in the band. He isn’t afraid of taking the show into the crowd as you can see above! No doubt you’ll catch a solo from Dan if you see us live.

Fun fact: Dan can recite all the words to the first Shrek movie


Favourite song to play: Basket case

Favourite guitar: Charvel DK-24



Introducing Liam on the bass guitar! Liam is our low end lover and is a recent addition to the AfterParty. No doubt you’ll see a bass face or two when Liam is performing - the photos prove this!


Fun fact: Liam has played bass with Marcello in various projects for 14 years! Liam, Marcello and Dan all rubbed shoulders in different bands on the local scene in their teens!


Favourite song to play: Hound Dog

Favourite guitar: Fender Jazz Bass V 


The AfterParty Guitarist, Bassist


Introducing Martin, our fabulous drummer and friend! Martin has been playing with Marcello and what is now, The AfterParty, for nearly two years. Fun, dependable and a fantastic drummer. If you turn up to the AfterParty and Martin is behind the kit, you know it’s going to be one to remember!


One of Martin’s favourite songs to play live is simply the best!


The AfterParty Drummer


Introducing Fin - the keyboard and piano extraordinaire! Fin has been playing for over 15 years and it really shows. He brings the skills but also the flair! If you see Fin live he will certainly stand out. 


Fun Fact: As accomplished Fin is, he can't read sheet music!   

Favourite song to play: Superstition by Stevie Wonder

Favourite piano: Steinway Concert Grand Piano


The AfterParty Keyboardist
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